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What are the bearing forms of the laser displacement sensor ‍?

  Laser displacement sensor is one of the most widely used sensors, it occupies a very important position in the automatic detection technology of machinery manufacturing industry and other industries, and has been widely used in many fields. The self-protection measures of the laser displacement sensor ‍ equipment are more, because they need to protect their own safety in external defense or external attack, cooperate with the combat system or other control system, and can complete the work together with multiple systems, whether it is used for tracking or distance detection, there is a corresponding carrier.

So what are the bearing forms of the laser displacement sensor ‍?

1. Airborne: airborne laser displacement sensor ‍ equipment can be used to equip armed helicopters with missile command guidance and fixed-wing aircraft, used to block targets such as supporting photoelectric aircraft and intercept aircraft and missile attacks. At the same time, the onboard equipment should be small, light and shared with the aviation indicator. Therefore, the laser displacement sensor ‍ must use high-efficiency circulating liquid as a cooler to meet the requirements of high operating rate, otherwise, gas or mixed gas booster cooling should be used.

2, shipborne: The development of shipborne laser displacement sensor ‍ in the light portable, vehicle and air defense laser rangefinder, it includes two categories of surface ship and submarine submarine observation. The surface pulsed laser rangefinder is the same as the vehicle fire control and air defense laser rangefinder in terms of technical performance indicators, and in terms of environmental use, it must adapt to the requirements of the ship's sea and air, sea and sea salt spray, and the requirements in terms of volume, weight, electrical efficiency, maintenance ability and cost are not harsh. Therefore, at present, a large number of naval ships are used to equip conventional fire control and air defense, such as cover (silent radar) shipboard aircraft recovery and tracking system with infrared thermal imaging, television, etc., and unique shipboard applications such as all-weather monitoring and tracking air targets are emerging. 2d laser displacement sensor ‍ has a wide application prospect.

Laser displacement sensor is a sensor that uses laser technology to measure, which is composed of laser, laser detector and measurement circuit. As a new type of measuring equipment, the laser displacement sensor can accurately measure the position and displacement of the measured object without contact, and can also measure the precise geometric measurement of displacement, thickness, vibration, distance, diameter and so on.

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