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What do you need to pay attention to when using industrial laser ranging sensors?

  Nowadays, with the rapid development of industry, laser ranging sensor sensors are widely used in automated industrial production, compared with the laser rangefinder used in outdoor operations, the industrial laser ranging sensor has its own unique characteristics, then how should we choose a laser ranging sensor suitable for their own use? Today let's take a look:

First of all, industrial automated laser ranging sensors can also be used in what aspects

Industrial liquid level, material level, production line billet transfer positioning, large workpiece assembly positioning; Measurement of inaccessible objects: cans, underground pipes, containers, etc.; Automobile anti-collision safety control; Photo trigger: vehicle flow monitoring; Large object geometry measurement, light scattering test, ultrasonic characteristic test, military firearms calibration, automatic target distance control, ship safety proximity, container positioning and other fields.

Secondly, how to choose a laser ranging sensor?

(1) First determine the range you need to measure, generally divided into short distance 0-100 meters, medium distance 100-500 meters, long distance more than 1000 meters, this can be selected from the wavelength, short distance is generally 30nm, medium distance is generally 905nm, long distance is generally 1550nm, this is selected according to the required range

(2) Then the measurement accuracy needs to be determined, and the accuracy of industrial laser ranging sensors can generally be up to the millimeter level, which can be selected according to the accuracy required by customers.

(3) Frequency, this needs to be selected according to the target you measure, the high frequency is generally for moving objects, and the low frequency is suitable for stationary objects.

(4) Serial port, serial port is divided into three kinds, RS232, RS485, RS422, what is the difference between these several? RS232 is more suitable for short distances, this is suitable for transmission distance of less than 10m, RS485 and RS422 are more suitable for long distances, the difference between them is that RS485 can be multiple machines in parallel on a computer statistics.

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