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Light E-Technology

Shenzhen LightE-Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2014, is now located in Shenzhen International low-carbon City, is a precision optical inspection as the main business of private high-tech enterprises, spectral confocal displacement sensor and its application as the main products

The key research and development personnel of Vertical Technology have more than ten years of experience in the field of laser displacement measurement and 3D scanning, and found that spectral confocal is more accurate and adaptable than laser triangulation. The sensor is a product that some countries have imposed precision restrictions on exports to China. Aiming at creating high-specification spectral confocal displacement sensors and reducing the cost of popularization and promotion, Lihe brings together optical, mechanical, software talents and partners in the field of spectral confocal work day and night, grinding a sword for several years, developing a commercial product series of precision spectral confocal displacement sensors with independent intellectual property rights, mastering the core technology, breaking the block to make up for the blank. And on the basis of the original has greatly improved and applied for a number of invention patents.

Light E-Technology is located in Shenzhen International Low Carbon City, next to the east extension of Metro Line 3, diagonally opposite Pingdi Park in Longgang District, adjacent to Pingdi Administrative Center, Yanlong Avenue, Outer Ring Highway, G25 Changshen Highway, with beautiful scenery.

We also provide local technical support, product selection, application consulting, test sample verification, supporting components, development assistance, non-standard customization, calibration and maintenance, so that customers can use comfortable, with rest assured. In line with the purpose of creating more value for customers, employees, investors and society, Liyi research and development is efficient, independent innovation, and provides excellent products and services for customers. Let science and technology benefit all sentient beings, looking forward to working with companies and people from all walks of life to work together to create brilliant!

 Light E-Technology


  • Mission


    Make the perception more real, make the measurement more accurate

  • Vision


    Expert in advanced precision sensing components

  • Thought


    Active love, diligent, bold and careful, cooperation and sharing

  • Idea


    Create value   Pursuit of excellence   Brave innovation   Fast and efficient



Developed the world's first 3.8mm diameter spectral confocal lens, which is the smallest diameter at present

Suzhou office was established to better serve customers in East and North China


The new factory is put into production, and the products are used in the supply chain equipment and instruments of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers


A lens with a mirror measuring Angle of ±60° was released at CTC Shenzhen, setting a new record


Developed a dual-frequency laser interferometer calibration master machine with a resolution of 1nm and supporting calibration software.

Self-developed micro spot detection instrument and supporting software


The establishment of a new factory, the establishment of up to 100 purification and anti-static workshop and a number of domestic most advanced spectral confocal products dust-free anti-static production line, equipped with high and low temperature, aging, vibration test equipment, the establishment of spectral confocal R & D laboratory, testing laboratory, application laboratory


Shenzhen Junsheng Investment angel round investment, used to build factories to expand production capacity


The product is used in the glue inspection application of Marco company in Germany, which opens a new application field


Launched the world's first in-light out-light independent spectral confocal displacement sensor,

It solves the problem of reflection interference which troubles the industry


Launched the world's first prism spectroscopic confocal displacement sensor, which tripled the resolution linearity

The utilization rate of light energy has been increased to two times, and the national invention patent has been obtained


Developed a spectral confocal prototype


Developed two sided thickness measurement, single axis scanning, two axis scanning modules and development packages and demonstration software

Facilitate the verification and development of customer solutions

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