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What will make the data display unstable when the laser displacement sensor is used?

  Today, more and more companies will use this distance measurement accurate displacement sensor in production, so that the ideal distance measurement effect can be obtained. When carrying out some work, the displacement will affect the accuracy of the work, so it is necessary to use a stable laser displacement sensor to effectively monitor the displacement. However, in the process of use, the sensor will inevitably fail, so what situations will make the data display unstable when the laser displacement sensor is used? The following by Shenzhen Liyi Technology company for everyone's science:

1, the power supply capacity is very small

If the driving power of the laser displacement sensor and the electronic ruler power supply are together at the same time, it is easier to cause unstable data display because of insufficient power supply capacity, and the voltage file of the multimeter can even measure the relevant voltage fluctuations when the situation is serious. If the situation is not caused by high-frequency interference, static interference, or is not neutral enough, then it may be caused by the power of the power supply is too small.

2, frequency modulation interference and static interference

These two kinds of interference may make the display data of the laser displacement sensor unstable. Therefore, the electronic ruler must use the ground support, and at the same time, the electronic ruler shell is in good contact with the ground. Not only the signal line needs to use a high-quality shielded wire, but also the end of the electrical box should be grounded with the shielded wire, and attention should also be paid to electrostatic interference protection.

3. The electronic ruler is damaged

When working, the laser displacement sensor will display the digital information of the displacement, if the displayed number keeps jumping, it means that the electronic ruler of the sensor has been damaged and needs to be replaced. Because the electronic ruler has been used for a long time, the seal will be aging, and the sea lake is mixed with a lot of impurities, and the water mixture and oil will seriously affect the contact resistance of the brush, which will damage the electronic ruler.

If the data is not stable, the laser displacement sensor can not work normally, so, when using the quality of the reliable laser displacement sensor, it is not only necessary to operate in the correct way, but also to regularly check the electronic ruler is very damaged, and prepare the appropriate power supply and do a good job of frequency modulation and static interference.

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