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An article introduces the measurement of laser displacement sensors in the automotive industry

For the automotive industry, many will use laser displacement sensor detection, the following editor will take you to understand the application of laser displacement sensor through an article:

1. The important role of laser displacement sensor in tire speed measurement. Usually, a car's tires are equipped with laser displacement sensors that can accurately measure the output speed of the wheel. The sensor uses laser points around horizontal or vertical lines on the tire to measure the distance traveled by the tire and the transmission output RPM to determine the transmission ratio. In addition, it can also accurately measure the front and back movement of the wheel, which is especially suitable for the control of straight line driving and turning of the car.

2, laser displacement sensor has also been widely used in collision avoidance technology. Usually installed in the front face and side, by measuring the distance between the front face object and the surrounding object to adjust the external collision body and speed limit gated driving, effectively prevent car collision, protect the safety of the car. The safety of the car.

3, laser displacement sensor has also been widely used in parking technology. It can not only measure the distance, Angle and speed of the car, but also accurately record the position of the car when parking, and immediately trigger the protection circuit or automatically disengage when encountering obstacles to avoid collision accidents.

4. Laser displacement sensors are also widely used in automotive driver assistance systems. It can accurately measure the driving distance, direction and speed of the car, providing the driver with real-time information to increase the quality of driving control and help the driver make accurate ride arrangements and adjustments.

5. Laser displacement sensors are also used in automotive suspension systems that can measure the distance and orientation of each wheel and create three-dimensional real-time images. This three-dimensional real-time image can reflect the performance of the vehicle suspension system very accurately, thus greatly improving the driving stability and handling of the car.

6, the laser displacement sensor can also be used in the intelligent driving assistance system of the car. The system combines a number of technologies such as navigation and safety display, which can help drivers predict road conditions in advance, and can also automatically control the car, accurately calculate the safe braking distance, and automatically take action to prevent collisions, thus greatly improving the safety of the car.

7, laser displacement sensor in the road condition detection system also has a wide range of applications. The system should use laser displacement sensors to measure the changes in the distance and Angle of the vehicle, so as to accurately detect the road condition, including road curvature, suspension height, etc., which is particularly important for people in curves and fast driving roads, which can bring more protection.


8, the laser displacement sensor can also be used to detect the status of the car engine. It can accurately measure the distance traveled by the car engine, and combined with other engine performance parameters to detect the operating status of the engine to ensure the normal working status of the engine and other related components.

9, laser displacement sensor can also be used for vehicle positioning system. The sensor can accurately measure the position using the Global Positioning System (GPS).

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